Recommended Infusionsoft Integrations

Listed here are some of the best and most useful integrations I’ve found for Infusionsoft. I only recommend ones that I use myself and have tested to work really well, so I know they’ll work well for you.

For total transparency, some of these I do get a small affiliate commission from but others I don’t. Once again I only recommend them because I use them myself and find them to be the best ones for their purpose.

Text Messaging From Infusionsoft

Adding text messaging to Infusionsoft opens up a whole new world of communications.  You can message to many places across the globe with Text Integration. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use. They even give you an account for free to try it out for yourself and send up to 20 messages a month at no cost.  

Text Messaging From Infusionsoft (If your business is Australia only based)

If your business is Australian based, I have found another business to be amazing and great value for money.  They are called SMS Broadcast.  The only fee is to buy the credits. They don’t expire and there’s no ongoing monthly fee. You get a huge discount on credits when you buy some upfront too. You can’t go wrong.

Automation of Your Calendar Appointment Bookings

Schedule Once does a great job of allowing you to add pages to your website where your web visitors can choose a time that suits them and book themselves in for an appointment with you. They don’t have to worry about waiting on hold on the phone. You have the option to charge them for their appointments as well.  

It looks after your email reminders or you can get Infusionsoft to do it for you. It also has the functionality of managing appointment cancellations, rescheduling and no shows all for a small monthly fee.

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