Meet Sam Buckley

Sam’s passion in life, besides her family, is to help entrepreneurs create a business that makes an impact in the world, and in doing so changes their life.

She started off in business at the age of 14 helping her father run his security business in a little town in Queensland, Australia.

From there she has spent 27 years improving and implementing systems which bring about positive change for both customers and staff.

After discovering direct response copywriting 8 years ago, she found her sweet spot.

Ever since then Sam has been working these things together, using her genius to transform businesses of other entrepreneurs around the world.

This journey is both hard work and rewarding, so Sam is working to create a community of determined entrepreneurs who want the edge they need to succeed in their mission.

She’d love for you to join her …

Sam’s Mission

Her mission is to assist entrepreneurs around the world create businesses that truly have an impact on the world, and in doing so, create for themselves and their families, a lifestyle by design.

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